$KAWA Security Protocols Explained

Trade Fee Distribution

There are two kinds of tax in Kawatoken’s business logic — buy and sell tax. The taxes are applied on every $KAWA token transaction (buy or sell) and accumulated to the contract.

  • Buy tax — the contract function is called buyTax with the default value of 5%. This function can be modified, but only to lower the tax, as it was hardcoded to a maximum value of 5%. The reason this function can be edited is to lower the buy tax to 0% during promotion period.-
  • On sell — 8% to treasury, 1% to developer

Initial Token Distribution

The total $KAWA supply is 999,999,999,999 tokens. Initially all tokens were minted to a multi sig wallet which then added 15% of the tokens to liquidity pool in Uniswap and locked them for 100 years on Unicrypt: https://app.unicrypt.network/amm/uni-v2/pair/0x71ab4e3a48d74a66e1cd4dc5ae74836b713d7378

Centralization Risks

According to the CertiK report:

  • Timelock on sensitive functions — Functions with higher sensitivity are timelocked for 48 hours to protect users and make sure they are aware if any change is made. Functions under timelock:
  • Richard Kayode : @Real0xRichard: 0x139eb2F8Abdd1c2809fc64cef3214943bb0d7e70
  • Fahad Abdulrahman : @Fahad_abu_Tamim : 0x3dbdBb2bDeAF4D8756e2375Bb7Aa841A069283ee
  • William Reynolds : @Sniperkawa : 0x9bfb0E684dEDDC637648A642EF5eFE26832c48ba
  • Michael Synan : @0x_forest : 0xb11ec03332082ddfcbef1f87e464a1f28a342b41



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