Kawakami 2023 Roadmap Update

2 min readMar 2, 2023


Hi everyone, over the next couple of weeks we will publish Medium articles discussing everything that’s been going on with the team, project, and the company in the last few months, and explain all our goals for 2023 in greater detail. In the meantime, here’s a look at the goals we set for the year:


  • Team expansion
  • Cafe launch (US only)
  • kawaSEED launch on Ethereum
  • NFT staking upgrade & onboarding
  • Brand ambassadors onboarding


  • Kawakami merch store
  • kawaDAO launch
  • kawaTOOLS (full product) launch
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Kawakami birthday party (special event)


  • kawaSWAP launch
  • kawaTOOLS v2 release
  • Token staking launch
  • Cafe expansion (international)
  • 1st kawaSEED revenue share


  • Cross-chain expansion
  • NFT Gen 1 launch
  • NFT P2E game development
  • Global charity events
  • Global company expansion

Other Activities

The roadmap includes only the goals we set in terms of development and growth that depend on us. Activities like marketing and exchange listings will be happening as needed so we feel there’s no need to add it on the roadmap or promise it will happen at a specific time as that would be counterproductive.


The timeline of our launch on Shibarium network depends on the timeline of Shibarium release and therefore is not included in the roadmap — we are actively taking steps in preparation for the launch and will keep everyone up to date on any news.

Our next Medium article will go into details of all the roadmap goals.




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