Kawakami 2024 Plans — Update [Jan 24]

2 min readJan 24, 2024

It’s been a week since we announced the plans for Kawakami in 2024 — here’s a summary of what’s happened since then and what the team is working on at the moment.

Following the announcement of a relaunch and token migration where holders can send their tokens in order to receive an airdrop of a new contract once it’s launched, we have received a total of 235 billion KAWA (23.5% of total supply). We estimate that we can realistically expect to receive another 100 to 150 billion bringing the total to around 33–38% of total supply that would be airdropped to holders post launch.

Once again, we’d like to remind everyone that the deadline to send in tokens in order to receive new tokens is February 14th. After this date we will not be able to compensate any v3 contract holders with v4 contract tokens.

We will share an update this week on whether the unclaimed token rewards from the NFT staking platform can be recovered from our end so that stakers don’t have to waste ETH to pay gas on claiming the tokens.

The first payment was made to our development team to continue to build KawaTools, our flagship utility. It is currently in the design stage and we will have the first new teasers of the product to showcase this week!

Token Launch Timeline

The plan is to launch the token as soon as we have everything set to ensure a smooth and successful launch including sufficient funds for liquidity pool, more progress made on KawaTools development, more KAWA received from current holders in order to send the airdrop, marketing aligned, and all our resources update. Current estimates are 10 to 14 days from now, as we do not want to rush without proper preparation.

Kawakami NFTs

Even though KawaTools, NFT staking generator, and Brew Factory will remain our focus in the short term as stated earlier, we’d like to reassure our community that the NFTs remain a big part of Kawakami and that we will be incorporating them into our plans again shortly after the token launch stage — and we might have something for them on the token launch day as well!




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