Kawakami Ecosystem Progress Update — August 2022 [Part 1]

4 min readAug 7, 2022

Hi everyone, it’s been some time since we posted a progress review. This article will explain what we’ve been doing for the past weeks and what’s coming for the Kawakami ecosystem and the community in the next weeks and months.

Generation 0 NFTs Promotion & NFT Staking


With our public mint now in its third week, we are deploying additional resources to boost the sales and gain the needed exposure — here are some of the actions we’re taking to promote our Genesis collection in the second week of August:

  • Google ads are set up targeting NFT enthusiasts.
  • We’re sponsoring a Twitter Spaces event that is regularly listened by 500+ people which will bring more eyes to our project.
  • Influencer marketing is set to start on Twitter, with YouTube promo coming in a few days later.
  • We will be hosting more contests / giveaways, both for our NFT holders and new people joining the community.
  • Content marketing on top tier news outlets.


The development of the Staking dashboard for our Gen 0 NFTs is going well. The latest version of the dashboard can be seen below:

The final design is subject to change

The release date of the staking dashboard will be announced in the 3rd week of August (week of August 15th). Until then, we are accumulating $KAWA tokens on a regular basis, and once the staking launches our NFT holders staking in the Genesis pool will reap the most rewards from getting in early.

The $KAWA staking pool amount at the time of writing (August 7th) is over 22.5 billion $KAWA tokens:

xKAWA Reimbursement

We would like to reassure all of the earlier xKAWA holders who are wondering what will happen to their tokens that we haven’t forgotten about them and that we still fully intend to reimburse them for any tokens lost in the V2 token exploit that happened in February 2022.

Our records show that there are 209 addresses affected and, as the community voted earlier, these amounts will be fully paid back in $KAWA tokens. The tokens will be sent to addresses in batches and will start going out to holders in September 2022.

The majority of the voting community decided to get paid back in $KAWA

This applies to any other affected token holders who took part in KawaFarm.

KawaTools Development

We are happy to report that the development of KawaTools is moving at a good pace. We have dedicated teams working on different aspects of product building, such as:

  • Product design
  • Code & contracts development
  • Content writing
  • KawaTools-specific pitch deck
  • Marketing preparations

The first stage of launch will be the product MVP (minimum viable product) which will include:

  1. Release of the Kawakami Gen 0 NFT staking dashboard
  2. KawaTools NFT staking generator

The NFT staking generator will be one of the several ways we will monetize KawaTools. The app will allow a vetted project to deploy their staking contract and use our NFT staking platform for their own NFT collection, with one-time fees paid to Kawakami for hosting & setup services.

Stage 1 is set to release within the next 30 days.

KawaTools homepage prototype

Stage 2 of launch will add on more complex tools to KawaTools such as the charting tools with security verifications allowing the investors that use KawaTools to trade meme coins with peace of mind knowing that they’re trading a safe coin.

Stage 2 will release late Q3 to early Q4.

The next article (Part 2) will be posted on Wednesday (August 10th) and will go over our business development (partnerships, expansion, Cafe Kawakami), token marketing campaign(s), further information about KawaTools and NFT staking, and more!




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