Kawakami Ecosystem Progress Update — August 2022 [Part 2]

4 min readAug 13, 2022


Following up to Part 1 of our August report, here are some of the other things the team’s been working on and other plans for the next few months.

Generation 0 NFTs

Discord Giveaways

The team has organized a large giveaway lasting 30 hours, with a prize given away every hour (30 prizes total). 26 giveaways have ended with winners getting prizes in the form of NFTs and tokens (ETH, KAWA, USDC). The smaller prizes are available for all our Discord members, whereas the most valuable prizes are reserved for our Gen 0 NFT holders only.

The following holder-only giveaways are still ongoing or yet to go live on our Discord:

The Killer GF and Wolf Game giveaways are currently active, lasting 3 days and 2 weeks respectively.

The Shiboshis NFT giveaway will start on Sunday (August 13th) and will run for 5 days.

Please note: All 3 giveaways require entrants to own a Kawakami Generation 0 NFT. If you’d like to enter the draw for one or more of these valuable prizes, you can mint a Kawakami NFT at https://mint.kawakami.io.

You can join our Discord server at https://discord.gg/kawakami.

Mint Milestone Prizes

We’d also like to remind everyone that the mint giveaways at certain milestones are still ongoing, see the graphic below for more info.

The rewards will be given once milestones are reached.

This week Kawakami has signed an agreement with an agency that will help our team bring exposure to the NFT project and contribute to the growth of our Discord server.

KawaTools Update

Desktop and mobile view of the KawaTools dashboard.

Our design & development team are doing an incredible job at building KawaTools. The staking dashboard and home page are nearly completed. The main dashboard page (Explorer) and the Charting Tools pages are 50% completed in terms of design.

Desktop view of the KawaTools leaderboard page.

In the meantime our development team is finalizing the coding of the smart contracts for the Kawakami staking pool, as well as the general staking contract that will be offered as part of our paid service — NFT Staking Generator (explained in Part 1 of the August report).

More info on the development and release of KawaTools will be shared next week.

Token Marketing

We are currently discussing potential hires for our marketing team as well as marketing agencies we will be using to market our token and the utility built around it. We’ve shortlisted one agency so far and will announce our marketing partners as soon as agreement is reached.

Kawakami has gone a long way since its inception in May 2021, transforming from a typical meme coin to a fully registered organization building our own products and services. This is why we’ve stopped employing marketing tactics typical for the meme market — Telegram callers, degen CT influencers etc. We are now focused on striking agreements with proven marketing experts and building meaningful partnerships — which leads us to our final point of this report.

Zero Buy Tax Promo Week

To incentivize buys of the $KAWA token in anticipation of the launch of our staking pool, we’ve decided to activate the ZERO BUY TAX on all $KAWA token buys via Uniswap. The promo week will end on Thursday, August 18th, when the buy tax will be switched back to 5%.

You can buy $KAWA on Uniswap here: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x5552e5a89a70cb2ef5adbbc45a6be442fe7160ec&chain=mainnet

Project Expansion & Business Partnerships

Some of our expansion plans include opening a Kawakami branch in Dubai so we can operate in the Gulf area in terms of business development and marketing (for example, real world banner advertising). We expect to be able to achieve this by the end of 2022.

The team is in discussions with several VC investors and investment groups that are considering investing in and strategic partnerships with Kawakami that would facilitate the development of all products and services such as KawaTools and the Kawakami P2E game. Any significant investment or partnership reached will be announced on our official channels.

Stay tuned for regular updates on our Twitter, Telegram and Discord as we bring you more news on all the things we’re working hard to achieve.

The Kawakami team is excited for all the things we will be launching and incredibly grateful for having each of you as part of this project!




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