KawaKami forms Strategic Partnership with Shiba Girlfriend: Stake Your SHIBGF tokens on KawaFarm and Earn More SHIBGF

KawaKami, being a Decentralized Ecosystem for Memetokens, has announced its first strategic partnership.

We’re happy to announce our first official partnership with $SHIBGF.

$SHIBGF will have the first of the 3 staking pools added to KawaFarm on January 7, with the other 2 being added later in Q1 or Q2 .

This is the first step in our partnership, with more joint activities to follow in the year. This pool will allow staking $SHIBGF tokens to earn more $SHIBGF tokens.


Shiba Girlfriend is a meme token with real utility that helps female technology engineering students and entrepreneurs establish themselves in the tech space by helping fund their education and development. SHIBGF looks to sponsor programs that foster female programmers and developers, and aims to grow movements to help these women thrive, both in crypto and beyond.

KawaKami X ShibGF

Right from the start, we’ve been very clear about our goal to make KawaKami a fully fledged ecosystem for all memecoins.

In other words, our ultimate goal has always been to introduce an inclusive ecosystem for memecoins through our product suite.

Partnerships like this one with ShibGF helps us achieve just this.

The strong alliance will bring mutual benefits to both parties, where ShibGF holders can easily explore staking options on the KawaFarm to get more immediate value out of their tokens without having to “sell” them

It will also greatly enchant community members of both projects with the possibility of earning $SHIBGF/$xKAWA as incentives for different staking programs that will be conducted together.

Partnership Pool

The $SHIBGF staking pool, added in partnership with the Shiba Girlfriend project, is live for staking.

The total pool size is 1 trillion coins, with 8% (80 billion) allocated per week.

This means the first round of the pool will last for 12.5 weeks. As always, the yield for each staker will depend on their share rate in the pool.

Staking your $SHIBGF tokens on KawaFarm

To stake your $SHIBGF tokens on KawaFarm, you just need to:

  • Visit https://farm.kawatoken.io/ (It is very important to triple check the farm website and make sure it’s the above).
  • Connect your wallet to reveal the different pools available on the Farm.
  • Search for the $SHIBGF pool.
  • If it is your first time staking $SHIBGF to KawaFarm, you will need to ‘Approve’ the smart contract to spend the $SHIBGF from your wallet before you can make the deposit.

This means there will be two transactions; the first is the approval transaction and the second is the transaction in which you make the actual $SHIBGF deposit.

KawaFarm Staking Contract Updates

The staking contract was upgraded on 6 January in order to optimize it and make it easier for our developers to add new pools with different reward coins in the future.

Here’s a list of the introduced changes:

  • All fees (staking, withdrawal, early withdrawal) are completely removed. Stakers can now stake and withdraw their coins freely without getting penalized for it.
  • All staking pools are now unlocked and can be used, including the SAITAMA and FLOKI pools.
  • As a result of the contract upgrade, farm transactions (staking, withdrawing, harvesting) should be cheaper than before.
  • There is now a 90-day lock period on stakes. A timer starts when the stake is deposited, which gets reset with each stake/unstake action.

The existing stakes are locked for the remaining duration, meaning if you placed your stake on day 1 of the farm reopening back in October there’s 6 more days before they’re unlocked. This stat is shown on the farm dashboard.

New partnerships

We are in talks with 2 other meme projects and should have meetings with them early next week regarding our partnerships and onboarding them to KawaFarm, as well as discussing the potential partnership strategies beyond the farming pools in 2022.

If anyone experiences any bugs or wishes to suggest improvements, feel free to get in touch with the team.

In conclusion, this is one partnership the whole KawaKami team is very excited about and we look forward to working together with the ShibGF team in the future to further support and foster our communities finances’.



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