Kawakami NFT Updates — Minting Deadline and The Lucky Draw

2 min readJul 27, 2022

Hi Kawa pack, we are amazed every day by how far beyond this community goes. It’s not lost on us. Thanks for being so awesome!

Minting Deadline

After careful consideration and lots of planning, we have decided that the mint will remain open until the end of August, this is when we will burn any unminted NFTs, which will increase the value of the NFTs minted and owned by their holders.

Lucky Draw

To make things more interesting and even more rewarding, we have decided to introduce the following prizes at certain minting milestones:

  • $10,000 at 2,000 mints
  • $3,000 at 1,500 mints
  • $2,000 at 1,000 mints
  • 3 unique 1/1 NFTs at 2,000 mints
  • 2 x 250 million $KAWA tokens at 500 mints

Unique 1/1 NFTs will have the highest staking power on the Kawakami NFT staking dashboard.

All gen 0 holders will get airdropped a premium hero NFT for our game, the only way to get these.

We have to say, the excitement is real over here — we have some awesome stuff planned for our fellow Kawakami community and especially our NFT holders, and our team is obsessed with packing as much fun and value into our community as we possibly can! We are also excited to share our project and the value it will bring to other NFT communities.

We are starting to roll out some next-level marketing, but we want to start with practical ads that get to the right audience. We are sponsoring a large Twitter Space that should give some great exposure to our NFTs.

You can mint your Generation 0 NFTs at https://mint.kawakami.io/

Join us on our Discord at discord.gg/kawakami

More greatness to come! As always, the team is here for all of the Kawakami community, so let us know your feedback!




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