Kawakami Project Updates [September 2022]

4 min readSep 23, 2022

We’re back with another report on what we’ve been working on for the past few weeks and what comes next for the Kawakami ecosystem.

KawaTools MVP (beta) Launch

We’ve successfully launched KawaTools MVP on September 21. The MVP includes the following features:

  • Kawakami NFT staking pools (Gen 0, Ascension, Aegis Protocol)
  • NFT staking generator

Kawakami NFT Staking Pools

We have posted an article answering some of the common questions regarding the staking pools launch. You can find the article here.

The current (genesis) staking pools are set to run for 30 days. As the rewards pool gets closer to its end, the team will discuss on the next steps regarding staking, and then have a DAO vote to see what the community wants to do.

With the tools MVP live, we will continue to release daily upgrades to improve the UX elements.

NFT Staking Generator

This will be our first service built into KawaTools. NFT projects that wish to allow their community to stake the NFTs to earn token rewards, but don’t have the means to create their own app and staking pools, will be able to launch their own customized staking pools on KawaTools for a set fee.

The standard setup fee that projects need to pay to list on KawaTools will be between 1 and 3 ETH depending on a number of factors. This may change in the future based on the additional features and services we add on to the app.

We are also offering a referral prize to any community member who refers a project that lists on KawaTools, the prize being 25% of the listing fee.

Here’s a quick list of the next steps for KawaTools development:

  • Upgrade the UX for staking pools (estimated rewards, tooltips, total staking stats and more).
  • Token explorer — this will include the charting tools and token leaderboards.
  • Token staking generator — similar to our NFT staking generator service, but for tokens.

Once these items are completed, we will share the schedule for the next items (Swap, DAO, Seed).

How to stake Kawakami NFTs?

  1. Mint them on our website (0.045 ETH per mint, total of 5 per wallet), or buy on OpenSea.
  2. Go to KawaTools, connect your wallet holding the NFTs.
  3. Select the number of NFTs you want to stake, approve them for staking.
  4. Once approved, you need to do the staking transaction.
  5. Once staked, they will be shown as staked. The rewards are sent out daily.
  6. Claim the rewards as they get distributed to you.

Kawakami Rebranding — The New Logo

As you may have noticed, we have released a new Kawakami logo! This move is made as part of our 2022 roadmap and in line with our vision to move away from being “just another meme” and become a brand that’s both recognizable and taken serious by the meme and non-meme space alike.

We are gradually updating all our channels to use the new logo, currently it is being used on our main website and KawaTools, with social media and NFT website to follow. We’ll be releasing branding guidelines document in the next few weeks so that anyone can use the material to build their own images, documents etc.

Generation 0 NFTs

We’re happy to see the number of mints and holders going up steadily, as well as a very small number of them being listed for sale. There are currently 408/674 NFTs (60%) staked on KawaTools.

The plan as proposed by the team and voted for on our DAO by the community is to keep the mint open until October 1st. Our NFT holders have shared some ideas on alternative solutions to simply burning the rest of the supply at the end of the month so we’ll have a team meeting today to discuss these ideas and then put up another DAO proposal for our NFT holders to decide on.

Mint Bounties

We’ll announce the new mint bounties over the weekend. The previous bounties included a King, a Cursed Kawa and a Ninja, so keep an eye on big announcements over at our Discord.

What Comes Next?

With our first service launched in the form of the staking generator, we are going to start reaching out to NFT projects and pitch our service. Selling this service will help build up the Kawakami treasury which will be used to focus on the P2E game development. The funds will also be used for the Cafe Kawakami upgrade which took the back seat as we were focused on pushing the KawaTools launch.

We’ll be back with another update next week to discuss the future of Gen 0 NFTs, as well as share more info on the in-development Gen 1 collection!




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