Kawakami Q1 Roadmap Goals Detailed

3 min readMar 21, 2023

Following our reveal of the 2023 roadmap, we will get into details on the goals set for each quarter of 2023 — starting with this Q1 goals article.

Team Expansion

The first goal for 2023 was to restructure the team and promote new community members to a Contributor status. Contributors are not an official team, but are considered an important part of building the Kawakami ecosystem, with the current organizational structure bringing us closer to decentralization, as all decisions are made with approval from the Contributor group.

The contributor group is currently at 12 members and you can recognize them by the Contributor role (green Kawakami logo and name) on Discord.

Most of the contributor group members are long time community members, with all of them holding the token, NFTs, or both. As announced earlier this month, new members have joined our ranks and they will be taking on the role of a project strategist and a community manager. They are still in the process of getting familiar with the project and making plans, so expecting more activity and results from them in Q2 2023.

Cafe Launch (US)

After a successful trial run in late 2022, we are officially launching our coffee store — Brew Factory! The online store will launch by the end of March 2023, and will offer a variety of high-quality coffee products, made and packaged using the best sustainability practices in mind.

After the successful launch, the next steps will be to integrate crypto payments, international shipping, special offers for Kawakami asset holders (token and NFTs), and then work on partnerships that will allow partner projects to launch their own coffee label through our online platform.

All Brew Factory proceeds will be used to benefit the Kawakami ecosystem — marketing, development, business expansion, community events, token buybacks and more.

kawaSEED Launch (Ethereum)

One of our most exciting upcoming utilities is kawaSEED — a venture capital-style fund enabling the Kawakami community to vote on and invest in early stage cryptocurrency project start ups, with returns being distributed back to our holders (both the token and NFTs).

We have registered an ENS address kawaseed.eth that will be used as the main treasury and trading wallet for kawaSEED. The trial run will be done on Ethereum, after which we will expand to other networks like Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, and eventually Shibarium after its launch.

The dashboard showing all activity and performance of the fund is currently in development — the first look at designs will be ready this weekend, with the launch coming shortly after.

50% of trading profits will be distributed to holders of KAWA token and Gen 0 NFts, with the other 50% kept in treasury to reinvest in projects and used for project expansion. A more detailed document on the final distribution eligibility criteria will be published just before the dashboard launch.

NFT Staking & Onboarding

After the successful launch of our native NFT staking component, as well as our NFT generator service and onboarding a partner project, the goal is to continue to improve and expand this utility.

Once upgraded, the staking dashboard will have a better UI, and allow partner projects to launch their NFT staking on kawaTOOLS easier than ever.

We are also in the process of creating a referral program for anyone who refers an NFT project that ends up launching their collection on kawaTOOLS, as well as creating a clear business plan for our own contributor team to reach out to other projects and pitch kawaTOOLS as a simple and efficient platform to create a utility for their NFT collection.

NFT projects that wish to get listed on kawaTOOLS can use the contact form here.

Brand Ambassadors Onboarding

The final major goal for Q1 is to partner with influencers and figures that align with our long-term vision and will support and promote Kawakami for the months to come, instead of creating pump and dump scenarios that ultimately only benefit themselves. Our new strategists are currently working on this so we expect to have updates to share on this goal in the next couple of weeks.

Make sure to follow our official Twitter to stay up to date with our latest updates! Our next Medium articles will talk about other project updates and contributor activities, with Q2 article coming in a few weeks.




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